Appointments + shortcode breaks divi-builder

I have added shortcodes to a module on the homepage, and when I updated the page, I received an error saying that one of the services didn't have a service provider assigned. Since then the page editor has not displayed any of the main content. The backend Editor for that page disappears.

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hey Willi,

    Hope you're doing well.

    I was doing some additional tests before forwarding this to our developers and it looks like that the issue is with incomplete shortcodes being used.

    You see, Appointments+ requires couple of shortcodes on the page in order to have fully operational booking form, for example, you need to have [app_monthly_schedule] for picker and [app_confirmation] for confirming the appointment, and if those are not there the form will not work.
    Now, this usually just doesn't allow you to finish the booking process, I'm not sure how Divi renders these shortcodes in the backend that would cause this issue.

    The good thing is that it seems to be related to backend only and when the shortcodes are incomplete so we can go around it.
    What you will need to do is open the page on frontend and start Divi Visual Editor that will allow you to edit the page from frontend.

    Now, replace the current shortcode with something like this and that should do the trick:

    [app_pagination month="1" anchors="0"]

    After you save the page you should be able to edit it in backend as well.

    This should do the trick while our developers are looking into the issue, however I would also suggest getting in touch with Divi developers about how the shortcodes are handled in backend editor.

    Best regards,

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