Appointments + Shortcode Issues with select themes

I have been trying to configure the Appointments + plugin to use on a couple of my installs but I keep running into some strange issues I can't seem to figure out.
I have issolated the issue on my testing server to be with the Theme. I have been able to prove it works correctly on its own but not with select Themes or Sub-themes.

Most of the shortcodes work, but things like "Next Month" never fire the Query String "?wcalendar=1485907200#app_schedule"

The theme I am currently trying to use is a sub theme based on the Divi 3.30 Theme framework. If I turn this theme off and switch to say "TwentySixteen" I can make the buttons function like normal again.

Is there a fix for this issue or known work around?

I am aware the easy answer is to just not use this theme, I ask because the long term plan is to move it into there main site which is already based on the Elegant Themes Divi 3.0 theme.

  • Bojan Radonic

    Hey Chris,

    How are you doing today?

    This has been an issue with Divi for a while now and we've made changes in one of the older versions of Appointments+ that should prevent this from happening.

    Now I tested this with 3.0.29 as this is the latest version I could get for testing from one of my colleagues so I hope this will work with your version as well.

    All you have to do is add another argument to pagination shortcode on your "Make an Appointment" page, changing this:


    To this:

    [app_pagination step="1" month="1" anchors="0"]

    anchors argument was added specifically for this purpose.

    Could you please give this a test and let me know if this helps?


  • Bojan Radonic

    Hey again Chris,

    Setting "anchors" argument to 0 will prevent pagination links from adding schedule hash anchors and thus, prevent this issue from happening.

    That does make it function although it has some hesitation, anything I can do to speed that up?

    When you say hesitation does that mean it's just slow to refresh the page or there is some other problem? If you're just referring to speed I'm not sure if there is something else that we can do from Appointments+ part.

    If there are additional issues with the calendar can you please link to your appointments page and also grant temporary support access via our WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin so I can take a look? You'll find more information on how to do that by following this link:

    In addition, is there any issue with using the pagination shortcode more then once?

    You can use pagination multiple times on the same page but unless you're passing different arguments like having that skip 2 months instead of 1 I'm not sure if there would be a point in adding that.


    • Tyler Postle

      Hey Chris,

      Just to be sure, you have Gcal set to (GMT+00:00) London right? I see your sites are set to UTC+0.

      If that is what you want, can you try changing your site setting to "London" instead. I'm thinking that will fix your issue. If it still doesn't, then just let us know how many hours difference it is between your gcal and your site then we can troubleshoot further :slight_smile:

      This doesn't like it has anything to do with the Divi specifically.

      Look forward to hearing back!


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