Appointments+ show multiple service provider calendars on one page

I used to be able to show a calendar for all of my service providers on one page, so that people booking could see the availability in all of the service providers before making a booking. I had a code in the sheet that included:

[app_monthly_schedule worker=”2”]

or something to that effect, and below it, I would put in another calendar with

[app_monthly_schedule worker=”3”]

etc. until I had all the monthly calendars for all the service providers on one page.

Ever since the last appointments+ update, that no longer works. Has something changed?

Now, what I see is all the calendars, but they are all greyed out as "unavailable". Essentially, the calendars are not for any of the service providers. If I put in a code for a dropdown to select a service provider, then all of the calendars show the availability for that one service provider.

What do I have to put in to the [app_monthly_calendar...] code to display the monthly calendar for a specific service provider?