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Hey guys!
I've started a job offer here and I'm wondering who'd be willing to co-fund this project and any ideas you may have. Maybe there's even someone out there who has Clockwork working in their App+?

  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hiya @Fyod

    I hope you are well today, thanks for your question :slight_smile:

    It's something we have considered ourselves before and I've discussed with the lead developer quite a few times about adding something similar.

    The main issues lie, within that it risks the number being used to send getting blacklisted by the mobile phone providers, as all these services don't send proper SMS messages, rather they connect to the internet of the cell provider and send them that way. This actually costs the cell provider more and does end up in numbers getting backlisted.

    Then there's also quite a few country that this wouldn't work in as well.

    But if there is one that can be found that can work in all countries and sends proper SMS messages, we're all ears :slight_smile:

    Good luck with your project! :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards

  • Fyod
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Jack,

    I have some experience with Nexmo and although I have just been testing it (sending SMS to my number or family members) it has worked 100% ok and no problems with the telco. This was testing a WP login with SMS verification plugin.

    I'm not sure what you mean by them connecting to the provider's internet, in my central Europe most telcos offer free web-to-sms service, but Nexmo doesn't use these since the sms arrived as "InfoSMS" or "Info" iirc and I think these providers (Nexmo, CW) are legitimate in what they do, as far as I know.

    Cheers, Paul

  • Fyod
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks for the interesting article Jack. I'm not sure if I understand it correctly, but Mr. Dunn goes on in the comments promoting Twilio and others about Clickatel. I think (but could be wrong) that these paid services (plus Nexmo, Clockwork) don't use the SMTP protocol.
    We have free Web-to-SMS services in my country, but I don't want to use these. I'm pretty sure these are limited and they have Captchas, so I don't even think they can be used with a script.
    It seems to me that the paid services are legitimate in what they offer and noone should get blacklisted. Also it is good to note, and users of such services should add a note on their website, that these messages are for practical reasons, not spam, and that with their registration they agree to recieve such messages. Similarly to recieving email notifications about an Appointment.

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