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Hi all, if i place [app_login] or [app_paypal] nothing will appear on my front-page. Should I install some other extensions (plugins) to WordPress? Thank you Marian

  • Marian Rychtecky

    Hi again,

    the code is here:

    [app_my_appointments provider="0" title="Moje rezervace" allow_cancel="1" ]
    [app_services select="Jako první si vyberte službu:" autorefresh="1" show="Pokra?ovat" description="none"]
    [app_service_providers select="Jako druhé vyberte jméno:" autorefresh="1" show="Pokra?ovat"]</center>
    <td colspan="2"><center>
    [app_monthly_schedule title="" logged="Klikn?te na den a poté zvolte interval"]</center></td>
    <td colspan="2">[app_pagination month="1"]</td>
    <td colspan="2">[app_login]</td>
    <td colspan="2">[app_confirmation title="Potvr?te prosím Vaši rezervaci" button_text="Rezervovat" confirm_text="Vaše rezervace byla odeslána" warning_text="Vypl?te prosím veškerá pole" name="Jméno:" email="Email:" phone="Telefon:" address="Ulice:" city="M?sto:" gcal="Zašktn?te, pokud chcete vložit do Vašeho Google kalendá?e"]</td>
    <td colspan="2">[app_paypal]</td>

    Anyway feel free to login (wpmu/wpmu) and change whay you want.

    Thank you Marian

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