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I use Appointments+ in multisite installation. At the moment, when a user creates a website (blog), he has the ability to enable registration with Facebook, Google+, Twitter in Appointments+ settings. So every user can register in my multisite network without accepting my network service terms of use and I have no control over it!

This solution for multisite network is not good:
1) User registered without accepting the terms of use of the service, so I can't rely on the service terms of use.

2) All the countries of the European Union required approval processing of personal information by user (EU Directives), otherwise the website owner can get a cash penalty. So the user must accept the terms of use.

3) When the user signs up with for example facebook on one of the sites in multisite (and he does not notice that site is part of the netowrk), then after he want to normal register with wordpress, he will get information: this address email is already taken.


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    thanks for posting.

    we have a TOS plugin for registrations, however i don't think it quite works with appointments+ sign ins. I'm not sure what to suggest here so I'll ask the developer if he has any advice on how to achieve this.

    hope this helps.

  • Nicole
    • New Recruit

    comment: The fines for violation can be pretty hefty, similar reason would be not using any of your 'buy now' plugins f.e. in this case the "make payment" because it violates the law around ecommerce and the so called button solution.

    To get around this we in the EU probably would prefer something where we can work with somebody from the outside as a provider for billing, let alone for the fact that business customers will need and want proper invoices.

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