Appointments+ started to ignore all Gcal events

I've been using appointments+ with Gcal sync for about a year now. It has been working before, but now when I made little changes to services and service providers, something went wrong.

Setup says sync is working. Created appointments go to Gcal normally. Gcal events are imported succesfully. They are shown correctly in the list "Reserved by Gcal". Deleting them syncs to Gcal normally.


All Gcal events are ignored in the user end appointment form. Double bookings and bookings to breaks are inevitable. Not a single event imported from Gcal blocks the customer from making a new appointment on top of it.

I have now moved the appointment page to different url and made it unavailable to customers.

I tried reversing all my changes, but I't didn't help.

Urgent help massively appreciated.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hey Olli,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    Please disable the Google Calendar integration entirely, then switch off a caching plugin if you're using any (and empty all caches). After this try to enable integration again but generate new API Key, following the description on

    "Appointments" -> "Settings" -> "Google Calendar" page.

    Make sure that you're using a new Google Developer console for this. Google should redirect you to a new console by default but some times (especially if you've already used the previous one) it doesn't so you may have to switch to it manually.

    Then test the integration again and let me know if it helped!


  • Olli
    • Flash Drive

    Hi, thanks for quick reply.

    Didn't help. I changed the settings for one service provider, but the integration still works for everyone...

    Somehow even though all events are imported correctly, appointments+ totally ignores them in the booking process.

  • Olli
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    Hey! I think I found the problem.

    Appointments+ seems to give a service value to all Gcal events, even when the event isn't a service at all. So all Gcal events have a service value or "not defined" service value. For some reason most of the Gcal events have the default service value of smallest service ID number.

    The change I made that caused all the problems was that I deleted the service that had serviceID=1. Then all the Gcal events that were already imported from Gcal changed their service value to "Not defined". The Gcal events that have "Not defined" service value are ignored in the booking process.

    So, how do I change the service value of all Gcal events to something else than "Not defined"? Please help!

  • Olli
    • Flash Drive

    OK. Now I solved it. Thanks to me and my 24/7 support monologue.

    Step one, the cause:
    A.Deleted the first service. The service with the lowest service id value.

    Step two, the effect:
    B.All already imported Gcal events become indefferent to Appointments+.
    C.Doublebook the shit out of your calendar.
    D.Compose a sorry-email and send it to pretty much everyone.

    Step three, solution:
    E.Change the service account e-mail address to something that is wrong (typo it).
    F.Press import and update events now.
    G. It says that one event got deleted, but really it deletes all of them. Luckily this happens only in the appointments end, not Gcal.
    H.Change the service account e-mail address back to correct address and press import&update again.
    I.Do this to every service providers wordpress account.
    J.Duplicate all events in Gcal that are booked for the service that you deleted to cause this. A+ is still ignoring them.
    K.Resume profitable business.
    L.Cancel all suicide plans.

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