Appointments + Synced with Google Calendar

Hello WPMU Dev Team,

I am having some issues with your plugin that I need some guidance on.

I have searched every part of the web for an appointments plugin and yours seams to triumph them all, hence why me using it. However, after i've been using it for over 24 hours, theres some snags that i've noticed that cant be right ( as it says clearly in your documentation that its a main function )

1. The Sync Gcal option / ( A+ <-> ) GCal / that I am currently using only works one way. If a client books an appointment, it will send it to the Gcalendar that it is synced to no problems, but if you were to delete the appointment from GCal the appointment stays in the booking system. Surely this is supposed to work both ways? This is causing massive issues when i client clicks the cancel appointment in the confirmation email, as its still showing in the GCalendar as booked in.

2. If you where to edit an appointment in your Gcal, the appointment in the system will not change, you have to manually log into the website and change the appointment, so it means that you have to edit the appointment twice. This seams like unnecessary work just to edit a booked appointment.

3. ( I think it already has this function - but if you could give me some guidance it would be appreciated ) Is there something that lets users log into their account and check their own appointments they have made, and also make changes to their booked appointments.

I would appreciate it if you could shed some light on the above points as the plugin is working fantastically bar the above.

I look forward to hearing from you.