Appointments - TIME DOESNT WORK

The time is off by an hour, this is unacceptable, and the padding option does not seem to really make sense other than add 20 minutes to a service duration?? it isn't allowing a customer/client to book say a 60 minute massage at 11:00am and setting the next 80minutes off (so i can have 10 minutes to get ready and allow 10 minutes extra for the client)

  • PC

    Hello there Trustin,

    Thanks for posting on the forums.

    Sorry to hear about the issues you are facing with Appointments+ but I am sure we will be able to sort that out together.

    First of all, where do you see the time difference ? On the calendar ?

    If yes, can you kindly make sure that your Server timezone and your WordPress site timezone are the same ?

    What is the Padding resolution type in Appointments+ Settings >> General

    How many service providers do you have ?

    Please advise so that we can test and assist accordingly.

    Cheers, PC

  • Trustin

    Server timezone and Wordpress are the same, checked - the time seems to be working fine now...padding time is cumulative.

    I was wondering though, as a massage therapist i would like the ability to have time slots for every 15 minutes, if you goto my site, and request an appointment you will see there is only times available for certain parts of the day, which may not work for all clients, i would like the option open to all parts of day (in 15 minute intervals) and once the service is selected the calendar would then block out those times set (15 minutes b4 the appointment and 30 minutes after), this however does not seem to happen which almost renders the padding add-on completely useless. And my client i am building the website for will not want to use this plugin what-so-ever, and we will have to seek out other options unfortunately.

    Thank you for your help!! :slight_smile:
    Trustin Massage

  • PC

    Hello there Trustin,

    Thanks for posting back and sorry about the issues here.

    Its sad to see that the plugin does not suit your requirements out of the box. It certainly does work for the features we claim to be there in the plugin.

    Right now as you only have 1 service provider, the plugin would not allow you to offer an appointment every 15 minutes as if you are using the padding, it would block the time after the appointment and would not allow another user to book that slot.

    You will however need to use multiple service providers for this case where they will be providing the same service.

    If you have the plugin installed on your site, I can set up a demo for you to see how it should work.

    We certainly do not want you to feel that we do not want to provide the support on any issues you are facing. Its just that we can only support it to do things which it can do out of the box. For anything out of the scope, it needs to be custom coded.

    Please let me know if you are willing to give it a try and we will be around to help.

    Cheers, PC

  • Patrick

    Hey there @Trustin

    I hope you are well today!

    I've just tried to get things working the way you want them to with 15-minute appointments & 30-minute padding so that 45-minutes will be booked. All the while allowing clients to select any available time at 15-minute increments.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. :slight_frown:

    When padding is used, the actual time that is blocked is calculated as the sum of the appointment duration + the padding. So in this case, the time blocked off would be 45-minutes. But the appointment duration shown to the client in the confirmation form is 15-minutes.

    Regardless of the combination of settings I've tested with, the intervals that clients can select show up as increments of 45 minutes.

    I'll flag some other colleagues on this issue to see if there is a way that the padding time can be added to the appointment only after it is booked. That, I believe, would allow for bookings every 15-minutes, except for the blocked off times.

  • Trustin

    First off I need 60 minute appointments with 15 minute padding before and after the appointment. I wanted the front end to show 10 minute intervals able to be booked, so that when a 60 minute appointment is booked (i.e. at 10:30) the front end blocks out 10:15 (15minutes before appointment) - 11:45 (15 minutes after) thus the whole idea of padding. However the appointment plugin shows only intervals every 40 minutes or so available to book, making it less convenient for someone to book the best time that suits them--not my service provider, as they are available from 11am-7pm....For $19/person you would think this plugin wouldn't lack in such logistic manners. A Booking Calendar should really just be just that, this plugin starts smart but fails to deliver in some pretty basic important areas. Is there anyway to get a refund? I really only tried this plugin for a week, and am certainly not satisfied on either the live support or the plugin itself...

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Trustin,

    I'm sorry you've been having a bad experience so far, I know how frustrating something like this can be.

    Here's what you need to do:

    Disable the Padding add-on, set the service duration to 90 minutes, and insert the following code into your functions.php file (preferably inside of a child theme; more on that here:

    function modify_duration_text( $text, $duration ) {
    	return ($duration -30) . ' minutes';
    add_filter('app_confirmation_lasts', 'modify_duration_text', 10, 2);

    Clients will be able to book in 10 minute increments, and you'll have the break time that you need. :slight_smile:

    If we can be of any more service, please let us know!


  • Jose

    Hi there @Trustin,

    I hope you are well today!

    Your approach is correct, you should add the padding time to the services duration. The workaround provided by @Michael Bissett is just hooking on the front end to extract the padding time from the duration (no matter if it is 20, 30, 60 or 90 minutes) and show the actual appointment duration to the users. So that if you are providing a 30 minutes service, you would set the duration to 60 minutes (15+30+15), and then the snippet added in the front-end will remove the fixed padding back return ($duration -30) and render the actual duration time.

    Please let us know if this make sense for you and if there is any other way to help you.

    I'll move this to features section to be considered in future releases.


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