Appointments+ translation, rebranding, synch


could you pls tell me how to
- Translate this plg
- Rebrand admin area (for calendar users)
- Synch calendar with other calendars
- Change the sequence of booking (Location, names, dates and its mix)


  • Michelle Shull

    Hello there, Sandor! Hope you're well today.

    We've got translation files ready in many languages for Appointments+. You can grab the file you need from here:

    To rebrand the admin area, I'd need a few more details about what you'd like the final product to look like, if you don't mind. We can probably do this with a combo of admin-side CSS and perhaps our Ultimate Branding plugin. There may even be a few things we can change in Appointments+ itself. Can you give me a rough idea of what you want to change, and how?

    To synch your Appointments+ calendar with a Google calendar, I've got two resources for you; a video:

    And a blog post with detailed instructions:

    To change the booking sequence, you'll want to rearrange the shortcodes displayed on your Appointments page. You probably have something very similar to the following on that page, now, with default settings:

    [app_services]	[app_service_providers]
    [app_pagination month="1"]

    I see you also have location listed as one of your options, so that shortcode would be here, as well. Simply put the item you want users to choose first first on the shortcode list. You may have an additional condition set for your service, location, or provider dropdowns that require a selection to be made before the next selection can proceed, so we may need to adjust your shortcodes a bit more.

    I just took a peek on your site, it looks like this is your first shortcode: [app_required_provider_locations]

    Instead of this, try the following:

    In whichever order you want them to appear.

    Hope this helps!

    The site briefly went offline as I was posting this the first time, sorry for the slow response! :slight_smile:

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