Appointments will not connect with google calendar

I have done everything correct with setting up appointments with google calendar and I everything set right in google calendar and in console. I have also shut off all other plugins and still no connection. Please help!

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey Grant,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I've checked the Appointments+ Google Calendar integration on your site and it seems to be all right. The issue lays on Google's side though.

    When investigating the "Appointments" -> "Settings" -> "Log" you'll find the "(403) Forbidden" Google error with a link. Clicking on the link gives this information:

     "error": {
      "errors": [
        "domain": "usageLimits",
        "reason": "dailyLimitExceededUnreg",
        "message": "Daily Limit for Unauthenticated Use Exceeded. Continued use requires signup.",
        "extendedHelp": ""
      "code": 403,
      "message": "Daily Limit for Unauthenticated Use Exceeded. Continued use requires signup."

    This basically means that Google consider your daily query limit exceeded.

    Please go to your Google Dev console and make sure that you've authorized the app properly. If it doesn't help, just remove the Google App that you've created for Appointments+ and create new one, then setup Google Calendar integration again. Of course despite the new app you may use the same calendar you're using currently.

    This should help. Let me know please if it does!


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