Appointments+ with Google Calender User Guide

Good day - the Appointment+ is working with Google calendar and I am looking for some sort of instruction guide on how to use them together after the plugin is confirmed working. Simple questions like how do I set it up so that all the periods are busy except for the ones we set in calendar instead of the opposite around. Could you point me to any guide or instructions please.
Thank you - appreciate it.

  • Geod

    Thanks Vaughan. So for example what I have done is gone into the linked Google Calendar (which gets the test meeting fine). I have made a whole month busy all day with repeat and shown as Busy on the public option. I save it in Google Calendar.

    Then in A+ I import and Update Events Now. Go to the Calendar page refresh and it still shows the whole month open with the exception of the weekends. The client I have want specific times based on the week like:

    Feb (Mon-Wed) 10,11,12 4-4:30 next 4:45-5:15, 5:30-6
    Saturday 15 - 12-30, 12:45-1:15, 1:30-2
    Monday - 17 4-4:30 next 4:45-5:15, 5:30-6

    I don't see how to do this without Google Calendar but nothing I do in there takes..
    Let me know if you have any advice please. I'm counting on this plugin a bit. Thanks a bunch.

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