Appointments+ won't show the next month, or week or anything next

No matter what I try, I can't get the Pagination to work. It won't show next month. Here is the code I am starting with, which is directly from one of your blog posts. Also, there is no shortcode menu item anymore, and I could really use that! Where are the shortcodes for this plugin listed (with arguments?)

<h1>Book Your Consultation</h1>
<p>You can add a bit of info here to briefly describe the booking process and how it can be done automatically, right now.</p>

<h2>Step One:</h2>
<h3>Select the type of consultation you want below.</h3>


<h2>Step Two:</h2>
<h3>Select the date and time of the consultation below, then fill out your basic info, followed by clicking the "please click here to confirm your appointment" button. If you're a member, you can login below.</h3>

[app_login redirect_text="Let's Go required to make an appointment. Now you will be redirected to login page."]

[app_pagination month="1" date="0"]


<h2>Step Three:</h2>
<h3>click the "confirm payment" button that will appear below to pay for and fully book your consultation.</h3>