Appointments+ (zip code and recurring payments)

Hi folks:

1. Can Appointments+ accept recurring payments and recurring on a time table we choose (i.e. $150 upfront and $150 per week, month, etc). Can the upfront be different than the recurring as well (i.e. $100 upfront and $50 per week, month, etc)? If not directly, what are some good workarounds? And, if not, can you add this to the next update?

2. Can Appointments+ search for available service providers by zip code? Would like have the option to handle 2 ways:

---1. If a zip code entered has available service providers, then it shows a list to choose from to proceed to checkout and schedule the appointment (having a option to show all service providers on one page or not would be good so admin could choose to show or not show).

---2. If the zip code search returns no service providers available, would like for it to show a popup or otherwise to allow the user to enter there email address so that they are automatically notified when a service provider is available in the system for their zip code and it would automatically send notices (does not have to be automatic up front but that would be nice as well as admin being able to manually follow up with them too).

Please let me know and if parts are not available, could you put this into features requests?



  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi @Greg

    Unfortunately, the simple answers are "nope" and "nope" :slight_frown:

    You can set Appointments+ to require a deposit when booking, but collection of the balance due would be during the appointment itself. There is no recurring payment functionality built-in.

    As for a workaround, how about trying it the other way around? Using our Membership plugin (or any other such plugin that accepts recurring payment), require users to subscribe first on a recurring plan that grants them access to your appointments page. Then when they book an appointment, there is an addition flat fee per service.

    As for the zipcode search, Are you referring to searching custom fields added to the provider bio pages? If so, this plugin (or something similar) may come in handy for that:

    Or are you using the Locations addons for that? Or some other way?

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