appologies for starting a new post - there was no "reply" link on your response

Hi Tyler, thanks for your earlier response (about half-hour ago) re widgets losing their formatting when moved to a different position. Yes my site is on localhost, and no, I don't have a live version of it. I think I get your point about a text widget having a unique identifier and allowing it to retain its formatting regardless of where it is placed, however, MetaSlider doesn't appear to like working inside a text widget for some reason - I pasted the shortcode into the text box but had no joy with it appearing. My original process was to drop the MetaSlider widget into a widget area, then create a style to remove the 20px padding to allow it to run full size in the widget area. As with all new builds, there is plenty of 'moving things around' and I immediately lost my style - a pain in the butt... Any suggestions would be great