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Hey guys,
I am running an edublog for my sixth grade students. I want to monitor and approve (also grade) all new pages/posts that my students add. How may this be accomplished through the admin panel?

My ultimate goal would be the ability to grade and add notes to each post before it's approved. Obviously, that'd require some more custom work. I'd be happy right now if I could just moderate every post/page addition. I'm currently running the content monitor and user activity plugins but they don't quite serve my purpose.


  • Bill007
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    An easy Fix is as Super admin of your Platform you could go

    Log In >>>Site Admin >> Blogs

    Then you could look at each Blog on a piecemeal Basis and Access all the Latest Posts there within that Blog and Leave Comments to Boot which they can read and then delete

    Although the post would be Up Before you knew it I use a site wide Tags Blog which compiles the last Current post written on the platform


    But that will still not stop the post but you could if you where logged in as Admin go straight to their post and log into the Back end of their Blog and Manage it

  • drmike
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    If you're making them contributor, you may want to also give them the ability to upload files. I know over at edublogs that this has come up a couple of times. Contributors don't have the ability to do so.

    For new users, it just means adding in the following:

    (edit: Dang, I just found that setting for the upload to flat level directories someone asked for a couple of days ago. And I can't find the thread. Oh well.)


    in the bit after line #495 of /wp-admin/includes/schema.php.

    As to previous users, I'd have to dig for the upgrade_users code but I've got bloodwork in 30 minutes. If you don't find it, I can dig it out this afternoon.

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