Appts+ & Membership integration

I am trying to use Appts + & Member Pro 2 to be able to allow people to buy recurring appointments in blocks.

Here is a list of the services
Discovery Session: 30 Min FREE

30 Minutes Results Session: $60
60 Minutes Results Session: $115
2 Sessions Per Month: $230
4 Sessions Per Month: $420.00
Monthly Group Session: $87.00

I have created two membership levels; 2 sessions & 4 sessions. How should I set this up so that the users can book the equivalent number of sessions in a month?

Thanks, Kyle

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hi Kyle,

    There is no option in Appointments+ to buy(book) recurring appointments - this is on our features list, to be implemented (however I can't give you an ETA).

    Using our Membership plugin (or any other such plugin that accepts recurring payment), require users to subscribe first on a recurring plan that grants them access to your appointments page. Then when they book an appointment, there is an addition flat fee per service.

    There is no way to protect particular block of services. You can only protect access to your appointments page.

    Kind regards,

  • kyle_irving
    • Flash Drive


    I know that appointments will not currently accept recurring appointments.
    Having read several other threads the common recommendation is to use Members pro .
    There is no issue regarding access to the page, the issue is - how do you set up Members pro and Appointments + so that if a user buys:
    2 Sessions Per Month: $230
    4 Sessions Per Month: $420.00
    they can make the booking.
    In one of threads another customer support person says that you set the discount in appointments + to 100% based on membership level - but this does not entirely make sense.

    Please clarify.

  • kyle_irving
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    I'm in the process of setting this up. And it seems like it is going to be really inconvenient for users.
    First they have to buy credits in marketplace.
    Then they have to book appointment and checkout with credit.
    Maybe it's one step too many. Let's hope they are really keen!
    Is this really the best way?
    I would have thought the ability to buy a block of appointments for a discounted price was a common need. whether a coach, consultant, hairdresser, spa etc etc...

  • kyle_irving
    • Flash Drive

    To be clear.

    The user can buy
    one session for $x
    two sessions for $x (-discount)
    three sessions for $x (-discount)
    four sessions $x (-discount)
    etc etc.

    they are then able to book the appointments based on theirs and the coaches availability using appointment calendar.

    can this be done without using 3 plugins?

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello kyle_irving,

    I'm sorry for no answering to your questions earlier, but I'm currently on vacation.

    I would have thought the ability to buy a block of appointments for a discounted price was a common need.

    There is no option in Appointments+ that allows buy blocks of appointments. The Membership 2 Pro plugin also will not limit the amount of the appointments - it can only protect access to page where appointments can be booked.

    That is why I proposed solution with myCred, MarketPress and the Appointments - this is kind of workaround, because with the credits you can limit the amount of the appointments that are made (user will not be able to buy more than he have credits).

    1. myCred handles credits - you set packs of credits there. Users will buy credits there (it generates buttons to buy pack of credits).
    2. MarketPress will handle adding appointments to the shopping cart where the users will pay with credits (MarketPress had addon to use the credits as currency).
    3. Appointments+ handles the services with different prices and the calendar.

    At the moment this can't be done without the 3 plugins.

    The way with the Membership 2 Pro could be solution - but like a said before - will not limit how many appointments can book the user.
    You could set the memberships with different prices - and every membership will protect single page with different appointments calendar - membership with the hightest price lead to appointments that are cheapest (this is a flat rate for appointment). But member will be able to book as many appointments as he wish untill his membership expires and he has no longer access to the page with calendar.
    Get this work with only this two plugin will require custom coding.

    kind regards

  • Vinod Dalvi
    • WP Unicorn

    Hi @kyle_irving,

    Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    What i am telling you in live chat is similar to what Kasia posted here except using the myCred plugin.

    Kasia said myCred plugin is used to provide credits to users and with the credits you can limit the amount of the appointments that are made (user will not be able to buy more than he have credits).

    So this myCred option will only be useful if we can limit the user to buy certain credits or it's same as not using it and paying by MarketPress directly.

    I have notified Kasia about this and she will reply here making it clear.

    Vinod Dalvi

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hi @kyle_irving,

    We had a brainstorm on this case and we considered few cases how to make this working and all of the combinations (Appointments + MarketPress, Appointments + Membership 2 pro) require custom coding.
    When we focus on using only two plugins it has to look like this:
    1) MarketPress + Appointments - only registered and logedin users can buy appointments, then using custom code we can find out how many Appointments products are booked by the loggdin user and restrict it from buying more. Also there is issue with the discount - more user book appointments then they get more discount - and this feature is not implemented yet in MarkePress (it' on the features list for the MarketPress 3.0)

    2) Membership 2 Pro + Appointments - every page with service with different prices is protected by the different Membership, so users can get access only for their price range appointments. And in this case changing the ability to book more appointments deepening on the membership level will require custom coding.

    If you are not a programmer then you can consider hiring a developer from to develop it for you.

    Solution with myCred will not limit the ability to buy more credits by one user, but with it when user will use all the credits, than he need to buy next pack of it and can't book other appointment without it.

    Kind regards,

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