Appts+ Shortcode cannot select a timeslot


I've installed appointments+ on a site for integration with your Directory Plugin and theme. When I use the Appt. shortcodes for the monthly schedule, the appointment calendar appears, and I can click on an available date. But I cannot click on any of the available times. (i.e. the times are not hyperlinked and no form appears)

When I use the default Make an Appointment page, however, the appointment booking form appears as expected. The glitch seems to only relate to the use of the shortcodes. Have tried three different themes with the same results. The only plugins in use are Directory and Appointments +

I've tried checking for javascript errors, but there are many.

Thanks in advance for your help,


  • Hakan


    Did you see this note in Shortcodes tab?

    Description: Inserts a form which displays the details of the selected appointment and has fields which should be filled by the client. This shortcode is always required to complete an appointment.

    Or this one in FAQ tab:

    I have just installed Appointments+ and nothing happens as I click a free time slot on the Make an Appointment page. What can be the problem?
    If you have created the appointment page manually, check if you have added "app_confirmation" shortcode which is always required to complete an appointment. If this is not the case, ...

    In summary, did you add "app_confirmation" shortcode too?

    Please advise.


  • elanbailey

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Hakan. It's a brilliant plugin, and I love that you took the time to detail all of the set up instructions. It's not entirely intuitive as to how to use the shortcodes (and make sure all of the required codes are on the page). I really appreciate you putting in the extra effort to get me up and running.

    In my case, I used the [app_monthly_schedule] shortcode and didn't realize I had to add the [app_confirmation] code. I wonder if there is a way that you could add a note to that effect in the shortcode description.

    Or maybe I'm the only one that got tripped up by this. :wink:

    Thanks much,

  • Hakan

    I wonder if there is a way that you could add a note to that effect in the shortcode description.

    It is already in shortcode description. But if you mean, making it as an online warning, that is a little bit difficult, because those schedule shortcodes can be used intentionally without app_confirmation shortcode for other purposes too, e.g. if you just want to display it as a planner (which hours you are available, which hours you are not).

    Whatever, I will consider about a warning message.


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