Archive page with multiple post_types

Here's what I'd like to achieve, and would appreciate your advise:
I've defined several custom post_types and custom taxonomies using CustomPress. I'd like my registered users to select several values of a custom taxonomy. In my case, I defined "stocks" (non-hirarchial), and I'd like users to select a few stocks (e.g. aaa, bbb, ccc). In the user's page (I guess BuddyPress Members page), I'd like to show an Archive (a loop, or a "News Feed" if borrowing Facebook's nomenclature) of all the posts that are tagged with the "stocks" that the user has selected. I'd like to sort the custom_posts either by date or by votes. But I want the different custom_posts to allow the different post_types to be interleaved, not type A, then type B, then type C. The order is either date or votes.
My question: is it possible in WP to have such a loop with different post_types?
Is there a plugin to achieve that, or bare-bone coding of the loop will be needed?