Are ALL WPMU Plugins Pro Site Compatible?

I have been playing around with the Prosites plugin on an MU install, attempting to configure different packages as described. Unfortunately, I am finding a lot of inconsistency with different plugins. Yes, they all work, but I am finding some cannot be enabled via the Prosites option, whereas others work perfectly. Some examples include:

Works with Pro Sites Upgrade / Premium Option:
Google Analytics
Popover plugin
Remove Permalinks Menu Item

Does not appear in Upgrade Option:
- Rebranded Meta Widget
- WPMU DEV Videos
- Set Blog Description on Blog Creation
... as well as a few others.

So, is there a list of plugins that are fully compatible with Pro Sites? Or do we just trial-and-error on each one? I would normally presume that I made a mistake somewhere, but clearly I've made some plugins work successfully and repeatedly - so I don't think I've done anything incorrect with my installation of other plugins.