Are Membership Levels inclusive?

Hi Guys I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Being Membership such a complete plugin, I have to admit I am a little bit confused...

This is what I would like to accomplish...

I have a site in which I would like to sell training.

I'd like to sell a annual membership that gives access to all the training.

I'd like to sell a Monthly membership that will give access to all the training.

I'd like to sell each training program as its own.

Some of my programs need to be drip feed and others aren't.

Question #1.- How can I accomplish selling my programs by their own and also give full access if they select the subscription.

Question #2.- If they select a subscription and they choose to access a drip feed program how can I accomplish that they get drip feed on that particular program?

Can you please help me?


  • PC
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    Hey there,

    Thanks for posting on the forums.

    What you want to do is easily doable with Membership. First of all, you need to create different access levels.

    For example :

    1: Full Access
    2: Access to a certain content etc

    Then you need to create different subscriptions :

    For example :

    I'd like to sell a annual membership that gives access to all the training.

    1: Yearly subscription >> Add the Full Access, access level with duration as serial, 1 year
    2: Monthly Subscription >> Add the Full access access level with duration as serial, 1 month
    3: Dripped Subscription >> Add different access levels with access to different content with durations as per you want to select.

    Makes sense ? I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same.

    PS : here is the membership menu which will come handy :

    I am just around in case you get stuck and need any help !

    Cheers, PC

  • BePresence
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    Hi PC,, thanks for your response...:slight_smile:

    So let me see if I get it and let me ask some more questions...

    Let's say I have 7 courses

    Course 1 and 2 - Can be accessed the entire time they are members, it is all there, no matter if they paid one month or one year they have access to both all the time.

    Course 2 and 3 - Needs to be taken in a period of 12 weeks, sequentially (Dripped...) 1 weekly lesson for 12 weeks

    Course 4 and 5 - Needs to be taken in a period of a month with daily lessons, one per day

    Course 6 - Free course, everybody can access it

    I am going to sell monthly access, yearly access and pay per course

    How many Access levels and how many subscription plans do I need to create? This is kind of had for me to figure it out,,


  • aristath
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    Hello again @BePresence,

    At any time, users can only have 1 subscription active and 1 access level.
    It doesn't matter if you have 7 or 700 courses... it all depends on your subscriptions!
    If you only want a free and a premium subscription, then you'll only need 2 access levels and 2 subscriptions. and on the "premium" access level you'll put all your content while on your free access level just the free content.

    Please elaborate some more on the actual subscriptions that you want to have and what these will offer.


  • BePresence
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi, ok,, thanks for that clarification, however please help me figure out then how can I then drip feed some courses and how can I give full access to other courses in the same membership...

    Let's say someone pays for the entire year, but when they access that particular course I want to drip feed it.

    Here's an example and maybe it can help better understand my needs...

    John visits my website and he only wants access to my resources which are for "Free Members".John finds one particular course he likes, but instead of paying "A Year Access to All the Content" he only wants to pay access to that particular course (course A - $27). Course A is a course that needs to be drip feed to the user, because it is one video and lecture per week for 12 weeks, after the 12 weeks he can access everything inside that course for 60 more weeks (total membership for that particular course one year, 72 weeks)

    Sarah visits my website and she wants to access all the content, Fre but e and Paid and she wants to take advantage of our "Full Year Access to All Content", so she will be paying for a full year with access to everything. Including course A. Now when she wants to access course A that course needs to be drip feed to her, one video and lesson per week for a 12 week period.

    Lastly there's there's Michael. Michael doesn't want to commit the full year, so he wants to have access to everything but he wants to pay monthly. Obviously if Michael likes course A, and it is a drip feed course that has a 12 week duration, he will have access to it for a period of the first month, 4 weeks, 4 videos and lessons, but if he doesn;t pay the next month he won't be able to access it further, if after missing a payment of one month (1 month paid, one month he didn't pay), on the third month he pays again, he will be able to access the course again and in lesson #5.

    Hopes this helps explain better my situation and can have some assistance on how to accomplish it



  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Gabriel,

    Hope you don't mind if I take a crack at this one while @aristath is offline!

    Let's say someone pays for the entire year, but when they access that particular course I want to drip feed it.

    So they pay for full access but 1 of the courses you want to drip feed? I'm not sure this is possible.

    What I was thinking is you could build drip feed subscriptions for each of your 7 courses. Then have 1 subscription where all 7 courses are drip fed one after the other (over the span of a year perhaps or however long) then have 1 other subscription that is the full access year subscription - no drip feeding just full access as much as they want for a year.

    You could also do the teaser content idea as well. For a 12 week program, drip 4 weeks worth of content for your trial price then once the 5th week starts charge them again for the rest of the course. If they don't want the full course then they can cancel before the 5 week. This should work, Membership wasn't exactly designed for this sort of setup so it's a bit of a work-around.

    Just remember that a member can't have more than one subscription at a time. Which means you need to strategically build your subscription plans to include combinations/variations of content that your users will want since they won't be able to buy 2 courses individually at the same time.

    If you want them to have access to the course for weeks after all of it has been dripped then you need to have your access levels include the previous dripped content all the way through until the final access level will include the entire course and it's duration will be 60 weeks or however long you want them to access it for.

    I hope some of that makes sense :slight_smile: Let us know if this clears up any of your questions.


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