Are the image optimizations permanent?

I've just tried WP Smush Pro and it has saved a whopping 300MB (yeah) my client tends to upload images that are way too big. Are these changes permanent? this is a staging site so if I move the files to production I'm just wondering if I have to redo all the image smushing again. I think I should be good to go but just wanna make sure.

  • Vaughan

    Hi Howard,

    Hope you're well?

    For the purposes of migrating the site to a live server, by copying the files & the DB, then the images will not need to be smushed again on the live server, but you should still run the check files option again on the smush page to make sure.

    Unless you choose to smush the original images & not make a backup, then any changes can be reversed if need be as the original uploaded images will not be smushed unless you enable it.

    Hope this helps

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