Are there any complete How to Set up guides for the Memberships plug in?

Hello, I understand that the forums have ton of information on how to set up the membership plugins and any issues that may arise, but has anyone or is there one available, made a PDF style with a walk through of taking an existing site with multiple editors & users and upgrading it to the Membership plug in? Basically i have used the Membership plug in once before and tried using the forms and got confused, so i just removed it for now.

But what we are wanting to do is, something similar to the this site, but we are wanting to do it and allow those who have taken advantage of signing up a special level access, and then my editors full access and then new users a free option and then 2 paid levels. Can you give me some guidance and direction on where to start? I have fell in love with these programs and want to start using them more than just basics.

Thank you in advance, and sorry if this seems a little Noob.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Will Designs

    I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

    Moved to the correct spot for you :slight_smile:

    With regards to your question, there is a PDF manual here though it is a little old, but it does still apply what is in it. :slight_smile:

    Do you have a step by step account of what you'd like to achieve, how you envisage it to work etc, I'm here to help :slight_smile:
    From some of the details you posted it sounds like you need some staff levels and then some public user levels, but the staff levels should be private correct?

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • Will Designs

    Yes, Basically what it is, is for a Professional Wrestling Company, but its unique. I will need levels for Staff so they can do the editting mainly just my "god" permission and then one for everyone else to add content as needed.

    Question, would i be able to give certain staff members access to certain pages/posts?

    Also i will need public levels that people can go from free to 2 levels of pay each with different things they can access and view. Another question.

    Would I be able to allow each level access to things sold on Marketpress like a dvd but allow each level to have a special % off or discounted price?

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Will Designs

    I hope you are well today, thanks for the additional information, much appreciated.

    To be honest, I believe that it would be simpler if you kept the staff levels as the normal WordPress user role without the membership plugin managing them, for example, I'd set up a custom user role and then use a plugin such as this

    That would be for the admin side of things, but then you can still apply a membership level as well to the staff if required, make the level private and then you as the admin can apply it to them, it might be a custom level, that further restricts the admin or the front-end pages :slight_smile:

    You wouldn't be able to restrict their role to certain pages/post on the admin side, but you could on the front-end.

    For the public levels, you would add your access levels via > membership > access levels > add new and then once they are set up, assign them to a subscription in membership > subscriptions > add new. For them to be upgradeable you need them to either be finite or serial, finite is for a set period of times and then ends, serial is a automatic membership, where it auto renews after a set period of time that you set.

    You can set your payment gateway from membership > payment gateways and active one of them there.

    One note about the access levels is, you can use, positive, negative or advanced rules, make sure you keep the rule choice the same across all levels for example, don't use positive on level 1 and then negative on level 2, as that would cause a conflict.

    Unfortunately there isn't integration currently between both membership and marketpress, though one idea could be is to use marketpress coupons and put them on a protected membership page.

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

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