Are there any Demo sites & Recipes based on your descriptions? Isnt it a good idea to have them?

For you most popular plugins, do you have demo sites and recipes?

It is sometimes very hard to match what you want vs what the plugin offers, especially if you it is hard to relate to a practical use case.

You look at the description of what the plugin does, but the practical part of how to do it, is not so easy. It becomes frustrating.

Not sure if I am alone here.

The installation and usage instructions are good, but sometimes having a demo of it or a recipe is really useful.

Maybe the recipes exist and I am not good at searching for them on the site, but I do get stuck plenty of times for doing some things listed in the plugin features.

If I could vote, I would vote for the addition of demos/recipes for each basic feature listed in the plugin description.

Makes it so much easier to get started.

Just my thoughts anyways!!