Are there any plans for a hosting reseller program

Hi there,

I would really like to see a feature where I can add users to any hosting plan, like a reseller program. Do you have something like that planned?


  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Leonard,

    There are ongoing discussions currently about implementing some kind of passthrough billing but at the moment there are no plans to add full white labeling, which doesn't say it won't change in future :slight_smile:
    We're always welcoming feedback so we wouldn't mind if you elaborate a bit more on what kind of setup you were looking for?

    Best regards,

  • Coastal Data
    • Information Technologist

    Great question, Leonard! I was wondering the same thing myself, but wasn't sure of the right context to ask it in.

    Predrag, my requirement, is that in almost every instance, my customers require that their payment method is plugged into a passthrough-type system, for a couple of reasons, one being that they have a presumption of paying "cost without markup", and the second, which I consider more relevant, is for proof of ownership, and potential portability.

    One MSP that I work with truly insists on using only cost with no markup on their customers for hosting, but then charges them for every little bit of maintenance, and that's just their business model and they're happy with it.

    For my own direct customers, I am totally not adverse to marking up the hosting cost, most especially if I'm able to do so and still provide a cost-competitive service, and then I find it easier to just do the account maintenance as needed, and not bother the customer with billing every time.

    As for the costs themselves, that could make all the difference in the conversation, because we haven't seen a price list yet, or at least I haven't... I heard the word "disruptive" used on the DOTW, though, which could make it much easier to use a flat rate pricing scheme across the board which is cheaper, yet still profitable.

    Definitely interested though to see how the system develops, and always happy to provide feedback.


  • Leonard
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi there,

    I'm not interested in passing on the bill to my customers in that way, but more like being able to add a new user to a particular domain/hosting box and giving him/her access to all the settings that I want to have them access to. I will bill them myself.

    I would really love for my customers to access their own backups and staging, that's added value for me.


    • Jonathan
      • WPMU DEV Initiate

      I concur 100% with this request.

      If you're already in the hosting reseller business, you likely already have a recurring billing solution in place, so that's not really needed from the vendor (WPMUDEV in this case)

      But it would be extremely important to offer clients a separate login section where they can access their own backups and staging environment(s) as well as some time of SFTP and/or Filemanager (ala cPanel)

      Also, it would be nice to know (if? that?) there is a network level firewall in place to help with security issues such as brute force attacks, web form and comment spam, etc. without having to install and configure Defender Pro for each site. (Great plugin, btw)

      Just my two cents..

      - Jonathan

      This I would begin selling to my clients right away.

      • Ronnie Burt
        • Hosting & Biz Dev

        Hi Jonathan - would customers/clients being able to access, download, and restore backups and staging from within the WordPress admin be a good alternative (or maybe even better, as one less password to remember)?

        As for firewall/security, we pre-load Defender and configure it optimally out of the box for all sites that we host, as that is one of the main ways we're managing security. A WAF option is in discussion, and there really isn't anything for web form/comment spam, other than a plugin like akismet.

        • Jonathan
          • WPMU DEV Initiate

          It definitely a nice option to allow access to certain resources to clients from the WP Dashboard, but that's already available with backups (one-off and automatic) being performed by Snapshot so that's already in place if you use Snapshot Pro with the hosted account.

          Being able to offer one-click setup of staging environments under ssl on a sub-domain would be nice to have available to clients from the WP Dashboard as well as from their client login section for their hosting service (ala cPanel) where they can manage their backups and staging environments at the hosting level as well. That would be ideal, although I do know that's a much bigger thing to pull off well.

          Defender Pro is definitely proving highly effective against a number of security threats for our clients already, so having Defender Pro preconfigured and automatically running is exactly what I assumed you guys would do for your new hosting clients. A network level firewall would be great, and I do know of one up and coming hosting company who's offering a custom WAF that also actively monitors and blocks form and comment spam across all hosted domains. So it can be done apparently and it would be fantastic if you guys offered that with the new hosting plans.

          Keep up the fantastic work, would love to see WPMUDEV Hosting in our shopping cart!

          - Jonathan

  • TK
    • New Recruit

    I just want to re-animate this discussion. It would be helpful to have a customer-facing interface that allows customers to sign up for billable hosting accounts. Of course, with the power, for me to set my own pricing and provide my own support. This could be a game changer - to be able to sell this high-quality hosting solution. UPVOTE!

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