Are there any plans to add other registrars?

Are there any plans to add other registrars? (dynadot is my favorite. Their website is organized well and makes sense, and I've had zero problems with them, ever.) other than enom?

I tried signing up with enom last night, and the contrast in their support from that of WPMUDEV support and ease of use is unbelievable. (not the hyperbole "unbelievable", but rather the "I can't believe this is happening" version of unvelievable)

The entire experience was horribly painful, to say the least. Signup was pretty smooth, but once it came to support and making the account work by adding the server IP, I was astounded how cluttered their website was, how featureless their help desk software was, and how unhelpful and trite the agent was.

Once I actually pointed these shortcomings out to the agent, naturally I didn't hear from him again. Also I don't have adequate permissions to view the ticket I created last night. Strange coincidence, I must say.

I REALLY don't want to send ANY business their way, but I'm so desperate for this domain registration functionality that I will use their service until there's a viable alternative.

Please tell me there are plans in the works to implement another registrar. ANY registrar will do, really. GoDaddy? Dynadot? Anyone?