Q&A update ?


are there any plans to update/improve/refresh "Q&A" ?

- i have tried it on quite a number of themes and they all have serious styling issues. it seams like one has to be pretty proficient or an expert in CSS just to get everything to look presentable.
- using the "estimate additional css rules" mostly makes things worst.
- when i click on "Q&A" in the BuddyPress profile it leaves BuddyPress completely and jumps straight to the plugin page. ie. no q&a info displayed in BP profile section itself.
- no option to not allow voting down (available on any voting plugin)

i appreciate the great support that wpmudev offers; second to none !
and i can spend a few days back and forth till i get exactly what i want but it should not be that way.
i would prefer to think that a plugin should be so intuitive and adaptable that it would not have entail all that.
the lack of proper BuddyPress integration is a shame considering your other plugins.

i know your hands are full with UpFront(amazing), new MarketPress etc. etc.
but can i ask if there are any plans for updates to Q&A ?