Are there any working samples of the Fundraising plugin that I could look at?

I am very interested in using the Fundraising plugin for a client but I would love to see it in action, does anyone have any examples they could share?

  • Andi
    • The Exporter

    As it is only a 5 minute setup could you please explain how you got it working and displaying in 5 minutes. We try already days and can't find why it is not displaying a list of all fundraisers properly on the /funraisers page and instead lists even hidden stuff from other plugins.

    It seems that fundraisers is overwriting template settings without any warning and a way to get around of it.

    Perhaps you could explain how you got it running in 5 minutes. Thanks!


  • Andi
    • The Exporter

    Hi Henk
    It takes much more than 5 minutes and help by WPMUDEV heroes and than you can get it working.
    Here are is one example (more to come)
    The tabs are made with the crapy visual designer stuff, unfortunately the template came bundled with it! I need to make further adjustments, so check back at some later time too.
    It would be very helpful if the WPMUDEV fundraiser would provide proper short codes what is currently not the case. To setup nice individual fundraiser pages you would need at least the ability to create a nice looking teaser - Title, Teaser image, short description and button for more info.

    Additional I had to hide the posters data as this displays very awful just on top of it. Also here it would be much better to have the ability to choose exactly what should get displayed. This is especially important as long as the fundraisers plugin does not provide crowdfunding or fundraising from multiple people who can enter their fundraisers and their payment data. For now fundraisers allows only one payment setup for all who post!


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