Are there Coupons/Discounts for events on Events+?

I offer discounts for booking for events early on my old site (not a WP site) & would like to continue doing so with my new site & Events+ BUT I cannot see this option anywhere!

Is it possible to do so? If so, how/where do I set this up?

If not, can it be an added option asap please?

  • Alexander


    This isn't possible with Events+ directly. However, if you use MarketPress integration, you can create an event product page. Then payments can be taken through that page and the order will be processed by MarketPress instead of the Events+ PayPal gateway. This way you could use MarketPress coupons.

    Thanks for being a WPMU DEV member. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
    Best regards,

  • renee_stotz

    I thought about using the MarketPress plugin, but it basically then makes the events+ app useless...or am I missing something?

    The way I see it, set up each event as a product on MarketPress, then separately on Events+ but there doesn't seem any obvious way to link the two together. It's like this, when someone wants to join an event, conversion rates will be better if they can do so - discount/coupon integrated - straight from the event/calendar page.

    On my previous Joomla site, the module we used had all of the options for discounts, cut-off dates, etc... right there for me to input when I set up each event allowing participants to join, get discount & pay in one smooth motion.

    Am I making any sense here? Is this going to be possible with the plugins available to me with my membership here?

    Thanks :slight_smile:

  • Alexander

    Hi @renee_stotz,

    You're right, it is a few extra steps. The main purpose of the Events+ integration was so that you could sell tickets in addition to your other products and only have one checkout process. This is great for users who are primarily working with MarketPress.

    Integrating with MarketPress for the sake of coupons alone is more of a workaround than anything else. Events+ coupons has been requested a few times before. So it may eventually be updated to offer coupons, but at the moment it isn't planned.

    Best regards

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