Are there multisite themes that are also responsive?

Hi folks,

I'm old to WP, but new to Multisite. Still haven't wrapped my head fully around appropritate use-case scenarios.

I'm looking for a solution for many 'upstart' bloggers who are coming to me wanting a website (everybody wants to sell an ebook!). Naturally they have no budget, and I want to get them comfortable with writing and publishing first anyway, before diving into a full featured custom site.

I'm considering a multisite setup to be able to simply add folks to the mix and get them writing, but keep it low maintenance for admin.

Does this sound like a job for Multisite?

If so, can anyone suggest themes that have good readability? Don't need buddypress functionality or anything fancy, just a simple theme that looks great across all devices.

For example, I'm looking at Nelo, but it doesn't appear to be responsive and with no preview I can't view it on a device.

Any/all advice appreciated as again I am a total noob with multisite.