Are there plans to include extra functionality to either the Activity Plus or Status plugins?


I have been playing around with two Status Plugins - Buddypress Activity Plus and Quick Status Plugin both of which are very good.

For the site I am building, an ideal situation would be to have Status updates that can be assigned to profiles or groups, along with a widget and category options.

Activity Plus allows users to assign all links to a profile or group which is fantastic.

I really like the widget functionality and category options on Quick Status.

And its great that Buddypress Activity Plus is placed neatly atop the Activity Wall.

But it doesn't make sense for me to use both as this could prove confusing.

Are there plans to include all bits of the below functionality in either of these plugins:

Updates can be assigned to Profiles or Groups
Post Categories
Standard placement atop Activity Wall

All of these in one plug in would make a very powerful tool for my members, as they could easily post dynamic content to their profiles or groups and it would also allow me to place this content wherever I choose on the front end.