Are these plugins/themes available or can you recommend anything?

Now that I have been a member for a few weeks I have made a list of plugins I can't find and there are so many on here that maybe I am not using the right search term. Anyway, I was wondering if any of these were available (or if you could recommend any)


A plugin that will let members upload photos from their android phone/iphone straight to their blog

Affiliate program so members can promote the multisite

email address plugin so each member can have a dedicated email address based on my domain without me having to physically go in and set one up. Or if they map a domain is there a way to get an email address set up based on their domain name?

article directory - i was sure there would be a plugin to start one and I know there are some wordpress ones available I thought I would ask if there is a wpmudev one available

If someone starts a business directory which theme would you recommend is the best one to use? Is there one specifically for the directory