Are these the bugs for the plugin "Site Categories"?

I am building a software website using WP MU and have found some bugs for this plugin.
Bug 1 for "Sites from a single category" widget:
I want to get the related software from a single category, for example the software "Google Chrome", it is included in the categories "Windows, Browsers, Essential", another software "Safari" included in "Windows, Browsers", I use the widget to get the related software list from "Browsers" , and set "Number of Sites to show" to 6, but in the future there will be a lot of sites included in "Browsers", so I want to show the only software that I think they are popular or important, that's why I add some of them to "Essential", then I choose "include" for "Site Categories Include/Exclude:" and fill in the id of the category "Essential", it means that the sites of the list included in "Browsers" are also in "Essential", these two conditions are "and" relationship not "or". But it doesn't work as I want, the software "safari" not included in "Essential" still shows in the list.

Bug 2:
The added categories include no sites link to the current page url we are visiting, is it possible to get rid of the links just like the categories page, maybe it's not that important because sooner or later all categories will include more or less the sites. In fact , I was trying to report another issue that I have added a site "WinRAR" and include it in the categories "Windows, Compression and Backup, Essential" but the category "Compression and Backup" is unactivated though now it includes a site, this category in the "categories page" is still without a link and in the sites' sidebar is still link to the current page url I'm visiting. However, when I add one more category "Office Tools" to it, the link for "Compression and Backup" come back.