Are you a good samaritan willing to help?

Hi everybody,

I am struggling to build my affiliate website. This is my first website, and I have no idea how to work around it. I´ve purchased heaps of different themes, read the documentation, and still have not accomplished anything. I feel stupid, and I am on the verge of giving up.

What I have done so far;

- Purchased a domain.
- Purchased a webhotel.
- Installed wordpress.
- Installed diff. themes.

My fails:

- Tried hiring freelancers via sites like odesk. (I ended up with people wanting to charge me several thousand $ for simple questions)
- Reading documentation, and still not able to make use of what I´ve learned.
- Spent my initial startup budget on things I have no use for.

What I am looking for:

- A kind person, who speaks and understand english.
- Someone who can help me answer my questions. IE: "Website X, has a banner that does this. is it possible for me to implement? Yes/No? If so, how?"
- Someone I can partner with, and give a share of my commissions.
- Someone who can take a novice under his/hers wings and teach the awesomeness of building a site from scratch.

What I can offer:

- Fun conversations.
- A share of commissions when site is up and running.

I realize this is a shot in the dark. A very longshot in the dark, but I have no more ideas left. I am broke for the moment, and feel foolish for not being able to understand the very basics of WP, and not even able to build a site using pagebuilders.

Are you willing to lend me a few moments of your time?