Area in member profile in WPMU Dev Dashboard to edit frequency of receiving email notifications


Initially when I sign up for Wpmu dev membership I have to indicate whether I want to receive email notifications from your company daily or twice a week.

I indicated daily. So I receive email notifications from WPMD Dev daily.

When I asked a question later, I was somehow asked about the frequency of email notification from WPMU Dev. I changed to twice a week to daily.

So, twice a week I receive email notifications from WPMU DEV informing me of new developments and blogs on Wordpress.

I wish to change the frequency of receiving email notifications, blogs, etc from Wpmu dev from twice a week to daily email notifications instead.

How do I go about changing this?

I tried a few times searching for the place in your Wpmu dev website, member profile, etc to make this change. Unfortunately I am not able to locate the exact location for the change frequency in the membership profile area of your website to make the frequency change possible.

Can you kindly help on this change of frequency of email notifications and blogs from WPMU Dev please?

I am using WordPress Default Theme 2012 and your Wpmu Dev Dashboard. There is no error message. It's just that I am not able to find the place in your Dashboard which will enable me to change the email notifications from Wpmu dev from twice a week to daily basis. With more email notifications about latest blogs and developments on Wordpress, plugins, themes etc I can keep myself abreast of the latest trends and developments in this area.

Thanks and best regards.

Benjamin Chan