Arun- You were sorta helpful. You guys have all been great. I already set up a sandbox account and I set up my personal biz account and received my :
Application ID
Api username
Api Password

Do I have to test, is it necessary to do testing? How do I set up the 3rd party?
I want the chained payments- (Etsy type account with a membership fee) I have some of it completed:

From Kim: Then you can visit the Network Admin Dashboard>Settings>Marketpress
On the General Settings please note that you cannot use Global Checkout with Chained Payments, so select no. ( I have it completed to here)

The form that I received from Kim said that I need Sandbox with the following:
Application ID
Api username
Api Password

I have NO CLUE WHERE TO get that information

This is what is says next for the steps from Kim: (Now this is where my real information goes and not sandbox, correct?)

From Kim, next steps:Scroll down to the PayPal Chained Payments Settings box Fill in your PayPal API credentials and pay special attention to the blue links in the following paragraph.
You will need to create and register your chained payments application.

  • Arun Basil Lal
    • New Recruit

    Hey there,

    I have explained how you can set-up your sandbox account here:

    I thought you knew how to get you API username and Password, cuz you said you already have that for the real account. Let me get to the details here for you:

    So if you follow the steps here: you will have logged into your test Sandbox business account. Its pretty much the same as your real account.

    - Now go to Profile > More Options (step 4 screenshot)
    - Click on API access. (step 5)
    - Click on Option2 "Request API credentials to create your own API username and password." click "View API Signature" (step 6)
    - Request one and you get it there :slight_smile:

    Testing is essential, that is the point of creating a sandbox account in the first place. To test, create another test buyers paypal account within the same sandbox account (pre configured, see step 2 screenshot). Let me know if you have more questions.

    I will forward this to Kimberly. Since you are following up with the same issue, please do that in a single thread. Starting new threads will only make supporting a request more difficult.


  • Dean Kaus
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hello @militarymama and @Arun Basil Lal
    Was this thread started after the one below?

    I had spent a long time detailing what I thought @military mama needed to do to get her site up and running. I didn't see this thread. At any rate is there a way to have threads or questions from same author combined or listed together or list the connections between them?


  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi Dean,

    One way to view all threads, both those the user has replied to, and the ones he/she has started, is to view their forum profile via the following link (replace pcwriter with the username of the user you want to view):

    You can find the username simply by clicking - or hovering your mouse pointer over - the tagline beneath their display name on forum posts. So, for militarymama, it would be:


    For you, it should be,
    ...but your username brings up a "Page not found" or a "bbPress User not found" error. Perhaps the ampersand and/or the .com is causing issues...

    On the main forum page - - click the button at top-right that says "Forum Profile" and see if it takes you to your forum profile

    Heads up devs... Dean's username seems to be buggy... :o(

  • Dean Kaus
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    @militarymama glad you were able to get it working and I was able to be some sort of assistance.

    @arun thanks for the follow up on this and your usual great service.

    @pcwriter Thank you so much for your answer to help me navigate the forums. I was trying to go back and find a post where some one had given me some tips and I couldn't find the link. Hopefully I'll now be able to do that. As Always you've been a great help. BTW you've inspired me and I'm going to try to get my lifetime membership as well. Looking forward to joining that club...

  • Dean Kaus
    • The Bug Hunter


    Things are going ok, recovery is slow and frustrating and I didn't see the benefits I had hoped. Turns out that after everything else that's been done I have sleep apnea! Why didn't they try that test first? LOL because then they would be unemployed.

    Upside to all of this is that I don't have the energy to do anything other than spend extra time at my computer, tv or sleep. Just one photo or video session and I'm whipped.

    Thanks again for your words of encouragement.

  • militarymama
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus


    LOL because they would be unemployed is true....or they have stock in the insurance companies. Good thing it's just sleep apnea! I have a funny story about that and the machine.

    Hey, I went onto your site, looking good :0) I see you are from Illinois, we recently moved from there to east coast. We lived in Benson, which is between Peoria & Bloomington.

    I didn't realize how much work it would be to build a site. I have much to read this week/ Mason he gave me homework. I was hoping to get the site up and running by Wednesday, so I can see how it functions so I can buy the year plan. Much stuff going on because we are starting a local community business too.

    Hey since you are so knowledgeable with the computer and your photo business, do you happen to know of a plug-in for photo contest? I have another site and I want to draw more traffic to sell more homeschool unit studies. I thought I could hold a photo contest for homeschoolers and give some prizes away? I did find one plug-in but has too many bugs. Since September 1184 books sold! It would be sweet if I could get that per week!

  • Dean Kaus
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hello @militarymama small world! I'm just a couple of hours from Bloomington. What branch of service are you or your husband in?

    Actually it's a lot more than sleep apnea however I did learn that if I had caught that several years ago my heart would certainly be in better shape. Ironically I thought that my wife may have had the apnea due to her snoring. Turns out I don't snore, I just stop breathing an average of 55 times per hour.

    At any rate I never really got into the online voting for photos. When I had my storefront we would have a kid contest (usually narrowed it down to 10 kids and then anyone walking past the studio could vote. It cost $1 per vote or $5 for 6 votes. Then the winner received a $500 scholarship (this was donated by a local bank and the $500 was invested so when the winner turned 18 and college bound it was worth much more than that) There were other prizes as well donated by other local merchants (cross marketing) and that worked very well until I moved my into my home. We fell in love with a house that was way too big for us but worked perfectly for living and the studio.

    I did look into a couple of plugins some time ago and will actually be testing them myself sometime over the next couple of weeks or months.

    So far from my research I think the best one is going to be NextGen Gallery and voting gallery of the same name.

    Another on is Image Voting Plugin by Flauntbooks (not cheap)

    And another one was Photo Smash Galleries I haven't really tested these very well personally except a brief test with the NextGen Galleries.

    One thing I can say from experience (good and bad, many mistakes) is it's much better to find the project you love the best and devote all of your attention to that. It's ok to have a couple of websites up but if your starting a new community business, especially if you need to make income from this then I'd personally put as many resources towards that and pay someone else to do the websites for you. There are several folks here that I'm sure would be reasonable priced if you have deadlines to make. I've also in the past used local college interns where I was actually not allowed to pay them, but they received class credit and it was great being a part of a class project. This of course would not be a good fit if your on a deadline.

    Not sure if any of this helps.... keep in touch. When I have further testing completed I'll let you know.

    Just one last note! Not sure what kind of photo content your going to use but make sure that whatever you post is not copyrighted by a professional studio with out permission from the studio, you can't rely on the parents for this. Most studios with the exception of Sears are usually pretty good about letting you use their photos as long as their name appears on or near the photo. Also especially with young kids, never publish their full names,or don't make the mistake of publishing the kids first names and then putting the parents full name with the town they are from. Could lead to some legal and safety issues.

  • militarymama
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hubby is not in the military, he was years ago. He works from home. I don't need the money, technically. I am a stay at home mom and homeschool my children. One, whom I homeschooled graduated college last year (3.7 GPA proud mom) and she was married in September.

    The actually started because I am a mentor for many military families. We are living in a military community. I am like "MOM" to them. I know they try to make extra money on the side, as many live on one income. They rent tables for craft shows and put their products in boutiques. I encourage them to build their own websites. No one has jumped on it, so I decided to build the site for them and many others to post their products. The unique part about the website is that a percentage of the profit will go back to help military families.

    The community business that we are starting will actually help start up businesses and will help people who are transitioning in jobs. Many people are in the midst of changing careers, because they have been laid off from work and can't find jobs. It will start on one weekend per month and who knows where it will go from there?

    My other site is, that actually started when I was teaching couponing classes in North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina, Missouri & Illinois. Since we moved to Connecticut (My home town/state), I haven't been teaching the classes. I still encourage people to use coupons and match their sales ads. Things sort of shifted into mentoring others. My heart is to see/encourage families to be FREE from financial burden. So many families are struggling due to debt and not being wise with their money. I believe they don't focus on the true needs and run after the wants.

    I am also passionate about homeschooling and have written several unit study books for students over the years. I decided to start selling them because I had several compliments , from homeschooling parents, on how the kids were able to work independently. They teach the kids how to search for answers using the internet and of course books too. The money made from this will go to pay for our children's education. Phew...One paid in full two left to go :0)

    Thanks for all the tips on the photo contest. I am going to dig in, however Mason gave me homework :0) No, I will not post names. The kids will have to take pictures of nature and parents will enter their photos. They will pay $1/$2 per entry, although I like the way you charged for the photo entry.

    I didn't realize apnea affected the heart?

    Thanks for the great information and guidance.


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