As a Snapshot enhancement request, I would like to see

As a Snapshot enhancement request, I would like to see the following added under Snapshot Settings … Error Reporting, the following changes:

1) Addition of an email field to define an email address for sending backup status reports.

2) Two additional check boxes by the columns for Errors, Warnings, and Notices. These check boxes would be labeled something like “Send Email” and “Send Log”.

3) The addition of one row labeled row titled “Success” or something along that lines that does not have the “Stop” check box.

4) Optionally, a “Test Email” button could be added that simply verifies that email is being sent properly.

The concept is that “Send Email” would just send a status email that contains the domain name, snapshot name, and status in the title of the email if an event occurred; i.e. an error, warning, or notification depending upon what was checked. If “Success” “Send Email” is checked then e-mails would be sent every time a snapshot is successful.

If “Send Email” is not checked or an email address is not entered, SnapShot would not send any emails. If “Send Log” is checked then the log would be attached to the email for the given status. With “Send Log”, there should be a size limit and if the log exceeds that size then a note could be placed in the body to that effect and that the log should be checked on the server.

I think this could be very useful to administrators who have a large number of domains on one or more servers.

Just thought I’d give Paul something to do in his spare time :slight_smile: