As an extension of other plugins

I am thinking if this is possible to compatible with other plugins as an extension for re-activate this plugin. The function of this plugin is actually a good idea. However, since BuddyPress is so popular and helpful for WPMU. I guess that makes this useless (according to Michael Bissett).

Here is the idea:
First, make this compatible with BP, by showing the language selector on the page
Secondly, mark the language by site and compatible with "SITE CATEGORIES", so we could list the language of the sites we want.

I really feel this is a really good plugin and one of the must-use for my WPMU. After I joined WPMU DEV and installed this. I am sorry to say that I feel nothing installed with BP. Its gone. It doesnt do anything. I understand this may not be its problem, but BP. However, Im guessing this could be little better and be more favorite. Its a good idea to extend its function instead of leaving it here for nothing, isnt it? What do you think?