As you guessed it, I am new to WPMUDEV and obviously

As you guessed it, I am new to WPMUDEV and obviously I'm running into some issues, namely with Pro Sites.

I know everyone's time is valuable, so I've looked for answers in the forums quite a bit but I haven't found a way to correct my issue. I either I want to completely remove the plugin (from the database too) and start all over. or get some clarification on how to set this up. Here is why:

1. My Pro Sites page is not showing any level options, it's blank (not sure what shortcode to use, if any).

2. The admin area for a user is not showing any Pro Sites upgrade button(s). So basically, even if someone could sign up, they wouldn't be able to upgrade or do a free trial.

I read somewhere in the forums that Pro Sites does not handle the sign up process, that it is handled by the regular WordPress sign up process. So does that mean I can use the Membership plugin for the account creation process (free) and then have the Pro Site option once the user is logged in?

The reason I ask this is because my wp-signup page is nowhere to be found, I believe it is because I initially enabled Membership and then disabled it because I thought it would interfere with Pro Sites, since I couldn't see any levels on the Pro Sites page (I have the option "Both sites and user accounts can be registered." selected in my network settings, by the way).

I would truly appreciate some input on how to set this up properly, since this step is crucial.

Thanks for helping a newbie out.