Asana + WPMU DEV = A match?

This is related to this post, written by James.

Asana is presented as a project management tool (not just a bug or request tracker tool).

As a project management tool doesn't only lacks some sort of chart and calendar view, but the support doesn't even consider to implement it.
Someone asked for it in January 2012.
They basically answered "we won't add this, forget it!" in June 2012 and despite many other people asked for the same thing, adding their "+1" and their motivation of why this feature should be added, they never replied anymore as for today.

Frankly I would look for a more serious company with a more proactive attitude.

For handling tasks, bugs, feature requests, etc, you could use YouTrack from JetBrains, for instance: maybe is not free (something that is not always a bonus!), but really well made and with a very good support and it gives a similar experience as Asana, but way better.
Did you even try any commercial tool?

WPMUDEV already have quite some issue with support and developing.

Maybe you could start thinking to use a more "accredited" company and start using some tool that gives your users a way to see what you're a doing.

I won't get tired to say it: start being more transparent to us!
Even if you will start using a public bugtracker, as long as you keep a separate private system, I will feel you have something to hide.
Really, this make me feel you don't trust us and this is lowering more and more my trust in you (and is really little already, after a year of disappointments).

Stop promising you'll do something and please, start doing something.


  • Arun Basil Lal

    Hey there,

    I believe the exact spot to add this was in the comments of the post, let me pass this onto James / Mason.

    We make use of Asana's API to integrate into the dev. A moderator can raise a flag and it starts a new thread in Asana and notifies the developer associated with the project.

    I don't mean to offend or anything, I am with you there, we have a lot to improve and trust me, we are working on it. But I don't see why we would want to keep a public bug tracker, this is not an open source project and we do not expect third party developers to pitch in.

    Also from a sales point of view, we wouldn't want our users to think of feature requests or suggestions as bug and not appreciate what we already have to offer.

    I am sorry to hear that you didn't have a good experience with us (have read the other thread), but we do have a great line of products and they work as advertised. We wouldn't have 100,000 customers if we didn't do so.

    Only yesterday did a user wrote to us saying how our products helped him get better with WordPress and become a WordPress developer and move from Joomla.

    With regard to feature requests, while we want to incorporate the most asked for features into our products, in comparison with developing existing features and supporting users, those are of lesser priority. Me personally moves at least 5 threads every day into the Feature and Feedback forum, and I bet other staff does that too. Our users want this and that and its impossible to cater to all of them and our developers do a great job at catering to most of them.

    Am no way trying to say that we are as perfect as we can be, no way. We can do better of course and we are seriously working on it.


  • sciamannikoo

    It seems to me that there are two "factions" in WPMUDEV.

    Some people like you that keeps telling things like "we do have a great line of products and they work as advertised" (probably actually believing what they write) and other people, always from the staff, that actually admit their flaws (if you've really read the other thread, you'll see what I mean).

    As long as I see people from the staff admitting their flaws I'm very happy to keep talking about this, but when I read answers like your's, where you politely say to me that I should have answered in the post's comments (so WPMUDEV community members would have less likely seen my comments?) and sentences like "I don't see why we would want to keep a public bug tracker, this is not an open source project and we do not expect third party developers to pitch in", well, frankly, I'm asking myself why I'm wasting my time here?

    Honestly, I'm getting sick and tired of some attitudes.
    The worst part is that I wasted a good 80% of the money I've spent in my subscription. This is what really upsets me.

    You guys keeps saying that " can do better of course and (you) are seriously working on it", for months, but I still have to see an actual improvement.

    And don't call Asana an improvement. From my point of view is the exact opposite, along with your answer that made quite clear that you don't really trust your customers.

    Fair enough, at this point I don't see the reason to keep discussing this, since you've made quite clear that we just are people that paid for what is in your site, no matter how badly is written and/or supported.

    I'm glad you get some people thanking you for helping them. I'm glad you've 100.000 customers (I wonder what sort of customers though).
    Probably I'm not in the same "niche" of your customers.

    Enjoy your happy users Arun!

  • johnnymestizo

    I requested this a while ago:

    I still cant believe WPMUDEV have not implemented this feature as it would relieve so much heart ache and dissatisfied customers.

    It doesnt even have to be that accurate as it is only a guideline !!!!!!!!!!!!

    +1 for WPMUDEV action on this.

    Cheers for the post @sciamannikoo


  • Mason

    Hiya fellas,

    The truth is, these features (while really cool) are asked for by less than 1% of our membership base and would require a massive effort to get under way.

    I'm not saying it's not valuable, or that we aren't taking steps down this road (a public feature request tracker IS in the works as are views for project statuses), but a public bug tracker on top of that is a LOT of work to take on and do properly and there really isn't that big of a demand for it.

    Some users have expressed the desire for it and the frustration that we don't have it. While we can't deliver everything today, several items are really being thought through, spec'ed and developed daily.

    You'll see it literally as soon as we've got it ready and all we can do is ask for your patience until then. Thanks.

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