Ask a Question form does not allow any text to be entered, plus other minor formatting issues


We installed the Q&A Lite plugin on a WP 3.2.1 site. We've gotten most of it working, but for some reason, the Ask A Question box isn't working properly. You can type in the title just fine, but when you try to click into the main text box to type in more details, the icons in the box grey out & there's no way to type in the box. Same thing happens if you try to edit an existing question. You can see it in action at:

Login: testuser1
Pwd: sunday44

Any ideas how to fix this??

Originally the wysiwyg-style icons were displaying weird in that the gray background was not appearing behind them & their width was only 300px. We looked at how the "Your Answers" box worked though and were able to add the following to our custom style sheet to correct the styling issues. Not sure if these issues are related to the main problem above of not being able to enter additional comments for the question. Fwiw, here the two additions we made to our css file to correct the wysiwyg styling issues:

#question-form .cleditorToolbar {height:27px;}
#question-form .cleditorMain iframe {width: 616px; height: 173px;}

Thank you.

  • VRM

    Hi David,

    Thanks for the quick response. I don't think it's an issue with that particular user, as the same issue is happening for users with administrator privileges (who we've checked all the privileges boxes for in Q&A Lite Settings).

    I checked that particular users settings (they are automatically set to "subscriber" when they register), and the Q&A lite settings for "subscriber" are currently set to view questions, ask questions, edit questions, and view answers.

    >> Also, I noticed it still says to Login when trying to respond to questions. I'm wondering if this
    >> testuser1 has some strange capabilities. Is this just a Subscriber user?

    Hmm. I think this is happening because subscribers are not allowed to post answers, in which case shouldn't the "Your Answer" box not appear at all? May have to hide it using php code in the template if the plugin doesn't do it automatically. We want this set up so that logged-in subscribers can ask questions, view questions & answers, but NOT so they can provide the answers themselves. Only the site admins will be answering questions initially.

    Thanks very much!

  • VRM


    Ok, problem solved.

    For anyone who runs into this issue, the problem was being caused by a the "Flowplayer for WordPress" plugin. When we deactivated the Flowplayer plugin, the ask a question forms goes back to working fine. The conflict seems to be with the Q&A Lite plugin's built-in wysiwyg b/c we discovered that if we clicked the "Show source" icon on the far right of the icon bar, we were able to enter text just fine. It was just the wysiwyg that was having an issue. Deactivating the Flowplayer plugin also fixed the css styling issues I mentioned previously, so we're all good.

    Appreciate your help nonetheless.