"Ask us a question" modal mal(?)functions cause frustration

Maybe it’s just me :slight_smile: but when I write up requests, I sometimes take a long time. I write out each item carefully, I check and recheck my statements, and sometimes I even make changes based on things I discover while writing the post. And other times I just get called off on other business and have to return later, so I leave the window open. I don’t log out, I just go to other browser tabs and come back later.

I’ve noticed two recurrent problems with the lightbox/modal functionality for posting questions:

1) Sometimes when I finally hit “post” I get a message saying something ominous like “that didn’t work, please try again”. So after all that work, I have to start over. This is a huge progress killer. I’ve gotten wise and started to copy and paste my post elsewhere before I submit it as a precaution, but in my mind, this should not be happening if I did not log out. I don’t understand where the “memory” is and how it’s being lost, since I have not ended my session.

2) If I click outside of the lightbox, the entire post vanishes. I’ve done this by accident a couple times and it’s SO frustrating. All that work, just POOF. I’ve tested a couple times now, and it might actually be that the information is saved in memory and clicking on “ask a question” will bring it all back. But shoot….if that’s the case, maybe some message so I’m not freaking out? Better yet, just make it so that the only thing that can close the modal is an X or CLOSE button.

I’m curious to hear if others have had this same frustration, or if I’m just making my own life difficult. :slight_smile: