Asking for more options to User Synchronization Plugin

Hi all,

I’m trying to work with the User Synchronization Plugin, but it doesn’t do what I would like it does…

1) It would be nice to choose what to synchronise; at least role and/or password. I need this fonctionnality because I have some user I don’t want to be admin on the master site, but who can be on some slave.

2) It would be nice to choose what sites to synchronise. Actually you have not the choice, all slaves or none. With a lot of WP installation it take too long…

3) And finally, just for fun, it would be nice to have a status bar during synchronisation.

4) I’m sorry for my poor English… :wink:

Point 1 is the most important for me, because I can’t use the plugin without this functionnality: I do not want to overwrite the user’s role on all slave sites.

Thank you for your answer, and sorry if my questions was already asked (I didn’t found it).