Assessments not working? & Forums BBpres and such


1) I have setup a live system were students can upload a file (pdf or docs) etc. This is a recurring process for updating a process book for instance. But now I have a module where you can upload 2 files independently and this part does not show up in the assessments tab underneath the CP pro menu. As the rest does. The course setup for the course module is exactly the same.

I can however find the workgoup products via the students workbook where I can trace the uploaded product. But the assessment link would be nice to have a overview of the most current products delivered online.

2) What about the integration with Buddypress and BBpres?? Should I install both (in combination with Members 2 pro?). As in this I would like that this is integrated in the menu outside of the CP system. Want to view the newest replies/questions…

Now I have to dive into CP > forum > topic > and check the sections one by one…

Any clue??