Asset Optimization breaking the site

Asset optimization is breaking the stylesheet, and it's showing up while spaces in the homepage. Trying to tweak the related files in Asset Optimzation, but the issue still remains.

Files tweaked are style_dynamic.php, and stylesheet.min.css, tried moving it to the footer, and vice versa, but the issue still exists. Would like to find the exact setting in Asset Optimization to correct this.

  • Nahid

    Hey victor !
    Hope you are having a great day!

    As the Support Access was expired or revoked and WordPress administrator login credentials weren't requested in the chat session, I logged into the site by creating a new user (wpmudevsupport) using the provided FTP account. I activated the Hummingbird plugin and was able to replicate your reported issue. After some investigation, I discovered that the way Hummingbird was enqueuing your CSS files was different from that of the way your theme was doing it, i.e. the ordering of the CSS files was different. I have moved the style_dynamic.php file outputting the CSS to the footer which gave it a higher priority than other CSS files.

    After some further checking, it seems like that solved the issue. Here's a screenshot for reference (The logo has been blurred for your privacy concern):

    Hope this helps. Let us know if you still can replicate the issue on your end. Thank you!

    Kind regards,

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