Asset Optimization is not working with custom theme

Asset Optimization is not working on my site if I have my custom theme and WooCommerce plugin active on it.
I tried switching to Twenty Seventeen theme and it was working then.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello alicinaroglu

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I have checked your site and noticed that when attempting to enable Asset Optimization there are some "503" server errors showing up in browser console. Such errors usually means that the "service is (temporarily) unavailable)" which might be related to resource usage. However, in this case they were showing only on "admin-ajax.php" calls which suggested that not necessarily entire "service" was unavailable but probably some specific resources.

    I noticed then that you got Page Caching enabled in Hummingbird. This shouldn't interfere with Asset Optimization as the plugin detects when you try to set it up and temporarily switches off Page Caching. However, that didn't seem to work here, therefore I have cleared cache manually and tried to enable Asset Optimization again. This worked right away - currently Asset Optimization is enabled.

    Since I'm not well familiar with your site, I'm not able to tell for sure that it's working now 100% fine so you might want to review it and if necessary tweak Asset Optimization settings a bit (e.g. switch off compression for some CSS/JS files if you find that relevant parts of the site seems to be not working as expected).

    As for the reason for this. It looks to me like there might be some sort of additional caching on server (or, alternatively, there's some sort of CDN implemented with cache) as this often is interfering with page caching and can, as a result, cause similar issues.

    Could you please check with your host if there's any server-side caching and if so, possibly clear it and switch off - and after that: clear HB cache again and use "re-check" option on "Asset Optimization" configuration page to make sure that all the resources are properly detected and to confirm whether it's working for you.

    Kind regards,

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