Assign a rep to user in Woocommerce (Emails)

**I don't know if I can ask these types of questions but i'm giving it a try**


I'm trying to add the following functionality to my WOOCOMMERCE website:

IF a user orders an item on my site THEN add REP email as CC to the emails the client receives. To get this to work, I have added a custom field in the USERS section of WORDPRESS. This field is an email field where I add an email associated to that client. When that client orders, I want the REP/EMAIL ENTERED to receive the same emails that the client will receive (Ex: If a refund email is sent to client, rep will receive the email...if order completed email is sent then the rep will receive an email etc).

I added the email field in the "MODIFY USER" section with email entered for each account. However, when an email is sent it doesn't work. I'm just wondering if any of you had an idea of how to get this done/to work.

Thanks in advance!