Assign User Role on Subsite


I'm wondering if it is possible to assign user a role on a sub-site?

Here's my setup. I'm running several sites (some single sites and some multisites). My main (master) site is a single install. On one of my subsites I'm running WPJobBoard plugin.

What I am trying to do is have one location (master site) where my Employer clients can login and control all of their profile info, password, etc. and one location to access the different tools/websites without having them register on each site individually.

The User Sync works great but I'm running into a problem with my job board site.

The users gets added to the job board site but they don't get added to the Job Board table as the role Employer.

I have contacted the plugin developer and they said that it should be possible to add a filter or hook when registering.

if there is some filter or hook when registering an Employer you can register an entry in wp_wpjb_employer table for this user, using following code

$object = new Wpjb_Model_Company();
$object->user_id = $user_id;
$object->company_name = "";
$object->company_website = "";
$object->company_info = "";
$object->company_country = "";
$object->company_state = "";
$object->company_zip_code = "";
$object->company_location = "";
$object->is_public = 1;
$object->is_active = 1;
$object->is_verified = 1;

Is this possible with the User Sync plugin and if so could you point me in the right direction to get it working.

Master Site:

Thanks for the help,