Assigning categories to pages instead of posts


As I build the new website I created 50+ reference articles (eNewsletters) that were published over the last 30+ years as pages instead of posts. There are about 6-10 categories where these articles belong based on subject. I tried doing this through posts initially but the result was a blogging style page that is good for continuous blogging but not for reference material a student can just click the link and see the article needed, like a library of news articles.

I would like to have the ability to create categories and assign each page article to the corresponding category. The results should be similar to: As you see, the categories are listed, when you click the category, the articles are listed to click on. All the articles are separate links.

I'm fine using Posts to create on-going thoughts that are not related to an eNewsletter or published media but I rather use Pages since it's static and meant for things that are not going to change.

I hope this makes sense. I'll turn on the Support Access in case you need to look. But: ( This is my goal to have it displayed like this on WordPress as I move away from Joomla.