assigning roles with memberships

Here's what I'm hoping to do...

People can join my membership site for free to see the protected content. But, free members will still have to pay with a like to see this content.

Paying members won't have to pay with a like to see the protected content.

I thought I could do this using roles (i.e. "authorized users see full content" in Pay with a Like plugin settings), but I don't know how to assign this role level ONLY to paying members when they join.

Maybe there is an easier way?

  • Patrick
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    Hi there @Dave

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    When creating or editing your access levels, you'll find an option at the bottom of your screen when on the Advanced tab that enables you to assign a selected WordPress role to members on that access level.

    If you don't want to use the default roles for that purpose, try a plugin like User Role Editor that allows you to create you own custom roles. You could simply copy the existing subscriber role and give it a custom name. Then assign that role to the access level.

    Use that same role in Pay With a Like.

    Please let us know how it goes, and if you need more help with this, simply post again. We're here to help. :slight_smile:

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